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Teeth Bonding and Teeth Whitening in One visit

Of all the issues we see at Smile Arts, smile discoloration is one of the most common problems that patients mention during their visits. When it comes to finding the best teeth whitening, NYC is a good place to find a large number of dentists. However, we’re one of the most experienced providers of this service. If you’re thinking about refreshing your smile, you might also want to consider updating your bonding as well. Combining these appointments is not unusual and it’s often a great way to save time and keep treatment affordable.

We want you to feel confident and comfortable, so here we’ll be sharing a case study of a real scenario that occurred with one of our patients. Not only will we share our experience and skill in providing the best teeth whitening (NYC based) but we’ll also raise the question of bonding discoloration. This is just one of the thousands of procedures that we’ve performed at our practice, which means we know exactly how to get the best results. This real-life account will give you some insight into what your appointment might look like.

Before Teth Whitening

32 year old male patient was interested in rejuvenating his smile.  He had old bonding on his front teeth to close a gap between his teeth.  The bonding was unattractive because the shade was off as well as the shape of the dental bonding. 

After Teeth Whitening

After the teeth whitening, his teeth turned out 6 shades lighter.  Our patient did not have any sensitivity during the Kaboom teeth whitening treatment.   We performed a total of three 15-minute sessions to achieve this wonderful result

After Dental Bonding

After the teeth whitening, Dr. Peter Mann replaced the bonding on the two front teeth.  The new bonding matched his teeth better in color and the shape looks much more natural.

What You Need to Know About Teeth Whitening

A bit of science

A quick visit to your drug store and you’ll find all kinds of at-home brightening kits. However, for the best teeth whitening NYC has ever seen, you’ll need to visit a professional. Studying a tooth under a microscope will reveal the structure of the enamel, which is actually porous. It’s these tiny pores that allow stains to get into the enamel. For effective stain removal, a dentist will use special chemicals: hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide. The first of these is essential, as it oxidizes the stain compounds outside and inside the enamel. At-home kits will only eradicate external stains, which is why it’s always best to visit a professional dentist for long-lasting results.

The procedure

We ensure our patients feel comfortable every step of the way. When it comes to the best teeth whitening, NYC, we always suggest browsing our website to read up on anything that you’re unsure about – or just ask one of our experienced dentists. 

The process itself is quick and simple. Our professional dentists use a 35% hydrogen peroxide gel to exfoliate the stains from the inside out, which will bring back the natural color. During the treatment, your eyes, gums and lips will be entirely covered and all safety guidelines will be followed rigorously. The total procedure requires three 15-minute sessions so that you can refresh your smile as soon as possible.

The results and shades of whiteness

Your natural shade will be unique to you as enamel color is determined by genes and lifestyle. This is why dentists use a color guide to find a perfect match for their smile. When it comes to choosing a shade, our dentists will always aim to achieve a natural color, however, if you want something brighter and more “Hollywoood”, the option is there.

Kaboom Teeth Whitening Gel

This is the gel we use that oxidizes the stains off your enamel and leaves you with a bright, rejuvenated smile. We can achieve a shade of up to 10 times lighter with just 5 days of use.

What You Need to Know About Bonding

What is it?

It is a simple procedure that is often carried out along with whitening to improve a person’s smile. A durable resin material is applied and hardened to improve the shape and appearance of the tooth.

The procedure

It will only require one appointment and will begin with a thorough cleaning to prepare for application. Your dentist will then apply the resin while it’s liquid and shape it to achieve the desired results. They’ll then harden the material with a UV light, plus make any further shape changes. The treatment will finish with a polish and floss to ensure that everything is clean and smooth.

The advantages & disadvantages

Bonding is a great solution for a number of aesthetic defects. Here are just a few of the situations where it can be considered:

  • Repair cracks or chips
  • Improve the appearance of color
  • Close spaces
  • Change shape
  • Protect the root

However, it’s important to remember that this is a treatment for only small cosmetic changes and isn’t a long-term solution. It will require vigilant aftercare, such as avoiding hard foods and maintaining a regular hygiene routine. So it’s not the best option for everyone.

How long does dental bonding last?

Dental bonding can provide immediate cosmetic results to repair a broken tooth.  However, dental bonding is not as strong as a natural tooth or a porcelain veneer.  Patients with dental bonding have to be very careful not to bite into anything hard, like an apple.  For this reason we usually call dental bonding a temporary fix.  This temporary fix can last months or sometimes even years. 

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About Dr. Peter Mann

Having completed NYU School of Dentistry and a General Residency program in Kings County hospital.  Dr. Peter Mann has trained with some of the top world renowned dentists.  Being recognized in 2009 with a fellowship award from the (ICOI) International Congress of Oral Implantology and in 2012 with a fellowship award from the (AGD) Academy of General Dentistry.   

In 2009 Dr. Peter Mann decided it was time to achieve his vision by opening his dental office to provide outstanding dental services to NYC residents.  Smile Arts of NY is located  in the heart of Manhattan on E. 40th between Madison and Park ave.

Originally born in Ukraine, when iron curtain of communism collapsed his family took the opportunity to pursue the American dream by moving to New York. Dr. Peter Mann has lived in New York ever since, for over 33 years. His goal is to provide excellent dental experience for his fellow New Yorkers.

Dr. Mann lives minutes from the office. Patients undergoing treatment have his cell phone number and can always get in touch with any questions or concerns. It’s not unusual to see Dr. Mann arriving after hours to help a patient with an emergency.