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Aliya B. RDH
Registered Dental Hygienist NYC

Aliya was born in Russia and raised in Ukraine where she graduated from the Medical Academy as a dentist. After practicing for 6 years, Aliya moved to the United States.

She continued to follow her passion and began working in the dental field the very first day she arrived in New York City!

In 2018, Aliya graduated from City Tech as a dental hygienist. Her determination to learn and succeed no matter where she is and her dedication to her family in the US as well as in the Ukraine are only some qualities that make Aliya a great and personable hygienist. The aspects she enjoys most about working here at Smile Arts of NY are providing dental aid to patients and teaching oral hygiene.

When she is not in the office Aliya enjoys spending time with her teenage daughter and friends, going to sporting events, and traveling.

Dental Hygienist

Patient Reviews

best dentist Manhattan I had a great overall experience with Dr. Eva Chen, Hygienist Aliya and their entire staff. No waiting time, they provided good quality service and were professional, very sociable and polite with good tableside manners. Even though they all seem young, it is quite heartwarming to see how well organized and managed their entire work network is. I recommend their office!  — Andrei F. on Google

best dentist Manhattan Thank You so much for a warm and welcoming appointment. My visit one of the best visits I had so far in NYC. The doctor is very welcoming and answered all my questions as well as discussed my future treatment.  My cleaning doctor Ms. Aliya was the sweetest person and made me feel very comfortable and relaxed during cleaning which was painless. Thank You!  — Veronika Z. on Google

best dentist Manhattan My Hygienist and Dr Mann were both excellent! I’m a bit dental phobic, but Smile Arts ALWAYS makes going to the dentist a pleasant experience. — Sharon J. on Google

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