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Managing Dental Cleaning When You Have Sensitive Teeth

If you have particularly sensitive teeth, you may find yourself avoiding dental cleanings for fear of discomfort or pain. A feeling of sharpness or like your teeth might fall out are the types of pain typically felt by sufferers of tooth sensitivity. This can make the cleaning process a daunting one, and sufferers of the condition may feel anxious when seeking treatment. However, this should not prevent you from getting the dental care that you need.

Dental Cleaning, Manhattan

When you’re looking for dental cleaning, Manhattan has a great selection of clinics that will strive to make your experience in the dentist’s chair a comfortable and painless one. At SmileArts of NY, our professional dentists are dedicated to helping patients, especially those with sensitive teeth, to manage dental cleanings. Manhattan-based professionals don’t get better than ours, so here are some of their suggestions for helping to manage and minimize any sensitivity-related discomfort before, during and after your appointments.

Identifying the Signs of Sensitive Teeth

Some common symptoms of teeth sensitivity include pain from or sensitivity to differing temperatures, acidic or sweet food and beverages, or when brushing or flossing. A range of different habits and conditions can cause tooth sensitivity through poor oral hygiene, even brushing and flossing too hard, grinding teeth, and over-consuming the wrong food and drink. It is extremely important to recognize your sensitivity triggers because, if not treated properly and promptly, this could lead to serious and complicated dental-related issues.

Are Dental Cleanings Necessary?

Particularly if you suffer from tooth sensitivity, regular dental cleanings are extremely beneficial, because you will receive the care and attention you want and need. A professional cleaning, which is designed to be as pain-free an experience as possible, can help prevent or reduce the buildup of plaque and tartar, avoid the development of gum disease, and detect any other potential issues that you may be susceptible to. This means that your teeth can continue to remain as strong as possible.

Pre-Appointment Tips

There are a number of practical tips to help you prepare in advance for your next dental cleaning. Manhattan clinics, like SmileArts of NY, will ensure that you receive the best and most suitable care that will improve your oral health and also won’t provoke any further sensitivity. Take painkillers before your appointment to reduce any pain that might occur in procedures, and take good care of your teeth by avoiding over brushing and actively making it a habit to floss and scrape your tongue as a way to avoid any ongoing damage. 

A visit to the dentist can also require a lot of mental preparation if you suffer from serious fear or anxiety associated with dental care. To help combat and ease these fears, it is best to speak honestly to your dentist about your fears, so that you can find the best solution together to help you reach a state of calm. You might want to agree on having a signal that indicates if you’re feeling overwhelmed or want to stop the treatment at any point. Listening to music with headphones and breathing exercises are also really great distraction techniques that will help you relax during procedures. 

If you are worried about pain that any treatment might cause, it is a good idea to ask your clinician about numbing gels, which have been designed to numb your gums so that you do not feel any pain at all. Also, if you’re really struggling to stay calm and find a suitable coping mechanism, you may be offered sedation dentistry, which will make the overall treatment process a lot smoother and less stressful. 

At SmileArts of NY, we really encourage you to communicate any of your concerns and inform us about any history of sensitivity at the start of your appointment. We’re always here to help.

During the Appointment: What to Expect

Your dentist will use various professional tools during the procedures that are used to clean your gums and the surface of your teeth gently. This can include an ultrasonic, which is a vibratory instrument designed to loosen and remove the build-up of plaque, tartar and bacteria. With a specially-made toothpaste, your dentist will finish off the procedure by polishing and cleaning (and sometimes flossing) your teeth so that you can continue to smile in full confidence. When undertaking dental cleaning, Manhattan clinics like Smile Arts should always strive to offer specialized advice so that you can achieve the best oral hygiene habits.

SmileArts of NY’s Approach to Sensitive Teeth

Before proceeding with the plaque removal and polishing process, your dentist will first carry out an examination of your mouth to look out for any issues or concerns that they may have. Besides traditional cleaning methods, there are several special techniques and tools that are available for gentle cleaning. Ultrasonic scaling, which uses high-frequency vibrations and water, and air polishing, which sprays high-pressure air, water and powder, are both common approaches to treating sensitive teeth by delicately removing plaque and stains. 

Your dentist may make use of desensitizing agents, like fluoride treatments, which can reduce any pain, discomfort and tooth sensitivity both prior to and after cleaning. Although efficient, the effects of numbing gels wear off within minutes, making them more ideal for cleaning specific areas in the mouth. 

Most procedures will likely use local anesthetic, which will temporarily numb the area of your mouth that requires treatment. They can be administered at any point during your treatment to control levels of pain. The anesthetic chosen by your dentist will depend on a number of factors, including the duration of the treatment, the affected area and your medical history. Your dentist will need to know about any medical conditions you may have in order to find the most suitable local anesthetic solution for you.
It is important to visit your dentist for a routine dental check-up so that you can rest assured that your teeth are in a healthy condition. Our dentists at SmileArts of NY are committed to offering you personalized care, with dental cleaning services that are tailored to your sensitivity needs.

Post-Cleaning Care

Some people, including even those who don’t suffer daily from sensitive teeth, may experience post-cleaning discomfort, but there are many ways in which this discomfort can be alleviated or be more manageable. 

It is recommended that you avoid overly sweet, spicy or acidic food and drinks afterwards, because they can continue to cause irritation. Avoid overly cold drinks and hard foods, like candy, which may put excessive pressure on your teeth. Rinse your mouth a couple of times in the day with salty, warm water to minimize any swelling, take mild painkillers if needed, and you may be recommended to use a desensitizing toothpaste when brushing your teeth. 

Your dentist will provide recommended ways of maintaining good oral hygiene and any follow-up treatments or appointments.


Even if you suffer from sensitive teeth, you should still ensure you visit your dentist for dental cleaning. Manhattan-based SmileArts of NY makes use of gentle and effective methods that will accommodate your sensitivity. It is of paramount importance that you communicate any of your concerns to your dentist so that your experience is not a painful or anxiety-inducing one. 
At SmileArts of NY, our professional team of dentists are experts in making sure that you will receive all the extra care and support that you need so that you do not feel nervous. Make an appointment today and come into our clinic for your routine and deep cleaning dental sessions, so that you can maintain good oral hygiene and a healthy, bright smile.

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Dr. Peter Mann

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