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Professional Teeth Cleaning, Manhattan: Ensure the Long-Term Health of your Gums

Oral care encompasses so much more than just your teeth; it is also centered on ensuring the health and longevity of your gums. It is incredibly vital to book regular scheduled dental check-up appointments that include professional teeth cleaning, because this offers a chance for your dentist to identify and, subsequently, counter any potential dental-related problems such as gum disease. So, the professional advice is, don’t just wait to see your dentist if you have a toothache! 

When in need of routine teeth cleaning, Manhattan’s very own SmileArts of NY has a team of trained dentists who are there to help you maintain the long-term health of your gums. A professional cleaning treatment is incredibly beneficial to your oral and general health, but it can be hard to understand how and why. In this blog post, we’ll explore this topic in further detail.

The Importance of Routine Professional Teeth Cleaning

Professional cleaning, alongside maintaining your own dental self-care habits (like flossing and brushing properly), is very important to your oral care. Ideally undertaken every six months, a routine cleaning is intended to help you avoid bad breath, prevent tooth decay, gum disease, and a range of other dental and health-related issues. During a routine clean at Smile Arts, our dentists use different instruments that have been specially designed to treat your teeth and gums gently and with care. Using the vibratory ultrasonic, your dentist will gently remove plaque, tartar and stains that have managed to build up and could cause further damage if left untreated. The treatment will finish off with flossing and polishing, so you can leave the clinic with the cleanest and brightest smile.

Why Good Gums are Vital to Oral Health

You might take good gum health for granted, but it is incredibly important for your oral and overall well-being. Your gums are there to protect your teeth and prevent detrimental diseases in the mouth. However, when not looked after properly, residue food particles and harmful bacteria can find their way through the mouth. These can trigger gum disease and/or inflammation of the gums, which ultimately causes damaged tissue and possible tooth loss. Those suffering with particularly severe cases of gum disease are often found to be at greater risk of developing diabetes, heart disease and dementia, among other serious conditions. Regular treatment is, therefore, essential in combating the development of any issues that could pose a threat to your oral and physical health.

Potential Gum Problems

Gingivitis and Periodontitis are the two main types of gum disease, with differing symptoms and treatments, which can be identified during a professional cleaning session with a dentist. Gingivitis is the most common and mildest problem among the adult population in the USA, but it can be easily treated in its early stages. Periodontitis is a common, but far more serious, issue that can result, especially if gingivitis is not treated adequately. Periodontitis causes the break-down of gum tissue and the jawbone, which can never be recovered. From this, other problems like abscesses can arise, which then mean that the mouth is at greater risk of oral infections and further expensive, and even traumatic, treatments.

How to Identify the Early Signs of Gum Issues

Around half of US adults show some signs of gum problems. A routine dental appointment will help pick up these signs. Instruments that can measure the distance between gums and teeth might be used because larger spaces are often typical signs of the condition. Gingivitis is not painful but the main early warning signs are red, swollen gums and bleeding after brushing or flossing. If the condition begins to develop into periodontitis, people may notice bad breath (halitosis), receding and loose teeth, a noticeable change in dental formation and soreness. 

Good self-care and oral hygiene at home, such as making flossing a habit and regularly brushing your teeth well, are vital to help prevent any issues. Nevertheless, that does not always solve the problem. This is why it is crucial to visit your dentist for teeth cleaning. Manhattan’s best dentists in the Smile Arts of NY clinic will remove plaque from teeth before bacteria can harm the gums, and ensure that no problems or warning signs are missed.

Treatment of Gum Disease and Other Problems

There is a wide range of procedures that can be undertaken to treat gum disease, by reducing infections and rebuilding damaged tissues. Whether you need nonsurgical or surgical treatment will be dependent on a number of factors, such as how far developed the disease is, and the current state of your oral and overall health. 

For early stages of the condition, nonsurgical treatments are likely to be the best course of action. This can include simple yet effective dental cleaning, antibiotics or deep cleaning (known as scaling and root planing), which differs from routine cleaning because it removes tartar and plaque on root surfaces. Laser periodontal therapy removes tissues that have been affected by the disease and kills bacteria. Surgical treatments, including guided tissue regeneration, are usually designed for those with advanced cases of periodontitis. Flap surgery (Pocket Reduction surgery) is undertaken as a way to deep clean root surfaces, removing tartar. A dental bone graft rebuilds damaged areas of the mouth, and gum grafting treats gum recession.

It is a good idea to talk to your dentist first if you think you need treatment, especially if you’re feeling anxious about any aspects of the procedures.

Prevention of Future Problems: Keep Up the Maintenance

There are plenty of ways you can help yourself, to prevent gum disease and any future dental problems so that you always have a healthy smile:

  • Brushing and flossing 
    Make sure that you always brush your teeth twice a day, using fluoride toothpaste, and get in the habit of flossing. Interdental toothbrushes are alternative recommended options, and these will also remove plaque from in between teeth.
  • Quit smoking
    Smoking can be significantly detrimental to your dental health and can even make treatments less successful. Smokers are at higher risk of developing tooth decay and oral cancer because tobacco prevents soft tissue from healing and easily allows bacteria to prosper.
  • Routine visits to the dentist
    Keeping up with good dental habits at home is always great, but it is absolutely essential to visit the dentist for regular check-ups and teeth cleaning. Manhattan-based Smile Arts of NY will always take care to offer you the best advice, ensure that your teeth are in the healthiest condition, and provide treatments that are designed to be as painless and effective as possible. SmileArts of NY is proud to have a team of approachable, professional and friendly dentists who are committed to building long-lasting relationships with clients.

Looking for the Best Teeth Cleaning, Manhattan?

Whether or not you think you’ve spotted any signs of serious conditions, a routine dental cleaning session is the first and most critical step to preserve your oral health and hygiene. 

The best way to make sure that your oral habits at home are serving you well is by coming into the clinic for a routine teeth cleaning. Manhattan is home to our trusted clinic, SmileArts of NY, where we pride ourselves on building long-lasting relationships with our clients, while providing you with professional care. Get in touch for an appointment, and we guarantee you’ll leave with happy teeth and peace of mind.

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About Dr. Peter Mann

Dr. Peter Mann

Having completed NYU School of Dentistry and a General Residency program in Kings County hospital.  Dr. Peter Mann has trained with some of the top world renowned dentists.  Being recognized in 2009 with a fellowship award from the (ICOI) International Congress of Oral Implantology and in 2012 with a fellowship award from the (AGD) Academy of General Dentistry.   

In 2009 Dr. Peter Mann decided it was time to achieve his vision by opening his dental office to provide outstanding dental services to NYC residents.  Smile Arts of NY is located  in the heart of Manhattan on E. 40th between Madison and Park ave.

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