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Dental Bonding in NYC | Before and AFter Photos

Dental bonding commonly refers to a composite resin filling placed on a front tooth chairside by a dentist.  Tooth bonding produces immediate results for our patients who may have broken, chipped, or fractured their tooth.  While dental bonding may look appealing, it’s generally not as strong or esthetic as some of the porcelain options such as crowns or veneers.  

We generally let our patients know not to bite with their front teeth when bonded.  A night guard is frequently recommended for patients who grind their teeth to prevent bonding from breaking.  We also call dental bonding a “temporary procedure” because a tooth bonding is very fragile.  In many cases dental bonding is not strong enough to predictably last many years.  For this reason, unlike crowns and veneers, dental bonding is not protected under our warranty.

Front Tooth Dental Bonding Repair

Patient came in for a dental emergency because his previous bonding fell out after a few years.  We were able to fix his tooth with new dental bonding.  Patient was advised not to bite into his new dental bonding.  It’s suggested to cut food and try to bite in the back whenever there’s dental bonding in the front.  Hopefully, this bonding will last for many years.  If bonding fall off too frequently we would recommend a porcelain veneer for him instead.

Broken front Tooth Dental Emergency

Our patient is a well known actress/comedian who accidentally broke her tooth while eating over the weekend.  The dentist, Dr. Peter Mann, repaired her tooth with a bonding.  In the future we recommend to place porcelain veneers on her two front teeth.  Porcelain veneers will look much better and last longer than the bonding.  

Teeth Whitening and Tooth Bonding in One Visit

Our patient wanted to whiten his teeth back to the color he used to have.  With Kaboom Teeth whitening treatment years of stains were removed.  

The bonding on his front teeth wasn’t esthetic because the color did not match and the shape wasn’t ideal.  Dr. Peter Mann replaced the bonding on his front teeth for a better color match and tooth contour.

Fixing Dental Cavities with Tooth Bonding

14 year old patient developed cavities on her front two teeth.  This can happen due to poor oral hygiene.  Sometimes kids and teens will go to bed without brushing their teeth, which causes cavities to develop.   We removed the cavities and placed resin fillings on her front teeth

Cracked Front Tooth

Patient cracked his front tooth because of grinding his teeth at night (bruxism.)  We decided to repair his front tooth with dental bonding at this visit.  He was also encouraged to use his night guard every night.  We’ll monitor this bonding to see how well it holds up.  Porcelain veneers maybe necessary in the future if bonding doesn’t stay on.

Chipped Front Tooth

Patient chipped his front tooth by accidentally biting on a fork.  Tooth was repaired with dental bonding.  Our patient will have to be careful when eating.  It’s not recommended to bite down on a front tooth with dental bonding because it may break. 

Bonding Peg Laterals

15 year old patient has peg laterals, meaning her lateral incisors are smaller than normal.  Bonding restored her teeth to a normal size and closed the gaps between her teeth.  After she’s fully grown, ~17 years of age, we’ll place porcelain veneers for a as a more permanent restoration.

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