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Kaity C. Registered Dental Hygienist NYC

Kaity is best known for her gentle touch during dental scaling and her polite attitude towards our valued clients. Kaity is a versatile Dental Hygienist who can fluently speak Spanish. She is keen to provide the best oral hygiene treatment and oral hygiene instructions to each of our esteemed clients. Kaity is passionate about ensuring everyone receives adequate access to quality oral care and has a firm belief that we should embrace our smile because this is the only curve that sets everything straight!

Kaity is a skilled Dental Hygienist, born and raised in Queens, New York. Her dental journey began when she was introduced to Dentistry as a Dental Assistant. As her passion for quality dental care for her patients grew, she was inclined to pursue the Dental Hygiene field.  Kaity turned her dream of becoming a Dental Hygienist into reality when she graduated from Plaza College as a proficient Dental Hygienist.

Apart from restoring healthy and beautiful smiles, Kaity enjoys spending quality time with her friends/family and traveling to new places. 

Kaity RDH

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