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Top 3 reasons for a Tooth Extraction

wisdom tooth extraction

What is a tooth Extraction?

A tooth extraction is a common dental procedure often done in a dental office.  Teeth extractions can also be performed by a specialist like an oral surgeon or a periodontist.  

At some point in time everyone needs to have a tooth extracted.  In this blog we’ll discuss the top 3 reasons for most tooth extractions.

1. Infected Wisdom tooth Extraction

Not all  of us have enough space in our mouth for this third set of molars.  Often there’s gum tissue covering wisdom teeth making them very difficult to clean.  Eventually, bacteria builds-up creating a gum infection known as pericoronitis.  Pericoronitis maybe treated temporarily with antibiotics.  Usually, this infection will continue to return every few months.  A permanent solution would be wisdom tooth removal. 

wisdom tooth upper left extraction
Top wisdom tooth with a lot of cavities requiring a wisdom tooth extraction

Wisdom teeth can also be affected by tooth cavities.  It’s often very difficult to brush teeth in the back of the mouth.  If it’s a small cavity the dentist may elect to place a dental filling.  But wisdom teeth with large cavities usually need to be extracted.  

In our office we are able to extract most wisdom teeth without sedation.  Patients are awake and responsive.  Patients feel some pressure during the tooth extraction, but do not feel pain.  Patients can then leave the office on their own recognizance to continue on with their day.

2. Failed Root canal tooth Extraction

The root canal procedure is a good way to extend the life of the tooth.  The chances of a successful root canal lasting 10 year or more is in the range of 90% plus.  However, with any medical procedures there are complications that may come up.  Infections may occur leading to a root canal tooth to fail.   

Failed Root canal
Failed infected root canal. Infection was traced to the source

A root canal tooth that’s infected maybe treated by a root canal specialist, an Endodontist, to attempt to save the tooth.  However it may not always be possible to remove the infection, in which case a tooth extraction maybe the best option.  We recommend to replace a failed root canal tooth with a dental implant.

3. Cracked or fractured tooth Extraction

A tooth may crack or break in a way that a dentist maybe unable to restore it.  A vertical tooth fracture separating a tooth in half usually indicated that a tooth extraction is necessary. 

Root Fracture
Root Fracture

Possible causes for a tooth fracture – 

  1. Grinding of teeth at night called bruxism.  We recommend patients who are heavy grinders to wear a night guard.
  2. Trauma such as a blow to the face.  Or even accidentally biting on a small stone sometimes found in a salad 🙁
  3. Root canal tooth that has not had a crown.  In general teeth with a root canal should be covered with a porcelain crown to keep them from breaking.

How to avoid Tooth Extractions

In conclusion, your teeth are very precious.  It’s important to have a good oral hygiene routine by brushing and flossing regularly.  Visit your dentist every six months for a routine exam and cleaning.  Following this advice should keep most people from having to go through advanced procedures such as root canals, tooth extractions, and dental implants.  But if you should require such advanced dental procedures our office is ready to provide such services. 

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About Dr. Peter Mann

Dr. Peter Mann

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