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Rachel RDH
Registered Dental Hygienist in NYC

Rachel was born and raised in Hawaii. She is a 2013 graduate of the University of Pittsburgh Dental Hygiene Program and earned a bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene research.

Rachel joined our team in 2019 with a passionate approach to helping patients achieve and maintain healthy smiles. She enjoys getting to know her patients and takes pride in making
them feel comfortable during their visits. Rachel provides gentle, pain-free cleanings and personalized home care guidance.

When she’s not at work, Rachel volunteers to fight food insecurity in NYC. She also enjoys reading, travel, and playing with her foster pets in her free time.

Rachel Dental Hygienist NYC

Patient Reviews

best dentist ManhattanIf I could give this place a 6 star, I would. The reason is my hygienist Rachel. My experience was great with Rachel. She is patient, kind, and very informative. During my cleaning, she listened to all my questions and concerns, and even checked with me with the mirror frequently to show how the progress is!  — Ashkan on Google 

best dentist Manhattan The office is always clean and bright, the staff is always pleasant and polite, and my son always walk out with a smile.  — Unique C. on Google 

best dentist Manhattan My experience was great! This was my second visit and again there was no wait time. I went right into the treatment room. My teeth were cleaned with whitening afterwards. My boyfriend also had an appointment afterwards and couldn’t stop taking about the cute female staff and that they were down to earth. I also recommended my co workers to schedule appointments. Everyone was lovely and the office is nice and clean.   — Sherrie T. on Google 

best dentist Manhattan I came here to get a checkup/cleaning and teeth whitening and would definitely recommend. Staff is super friendly and I’m very happy with my results. — Nicole on Google 

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