Dental crowns are a beautiful esthetic option to repair a tooth after it has suffered a fracture, deep cavity, or any other trauma.  A crown replaces a significant amount of tooth structure in a damaged tooth.  Crowns in the past were not nearly as cosmetic as what we can achieve today.  Dentists presently have the tools at their disposal to make dental work appear natural.  When a dentist, the dental lab and the patient are all on the same page the results are guaranteed to look astounding.

old dental crowns

This patient suffered trauma as a teenager which resulted in breaking his front two teeth.  The dentist repaired his teeth by placing crowns on the two front teeth.  The color was never matched correctly.  Over time the gums receded exposing the roots which creates a very unaesthetic appearance.


After removing the old crowns and cleaning the remaining tooth structure we took impressions to make brand new crowns.  Our crowns do NOT contain any metal.  Current dental materials allow us to make crowns completely without metal but they are just as strong. The metal free crowns are much more cosmetic in appearance than their counterparts.

cosmetic porcelain dental crown

New crowns were cemented just a week later.  They appear much more cosmetic and natural than the old ones.  With good oral hygiene routine at home combined with routine dental visits every 6 months, we expect this dental work to last for many years to come.